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Individuals with severe mental illness 

If I weren't committed and/or forced to go into the hospital, I would be dead. No doubt in my mind. I am glad to know you are out there working for the good of all involved with mental illness. - Diana Kern, Austin, Texas

Fortunately I have not been hospitalized or severely symptomatic in over eight years. Assisted treatment does work, it just requires more than a quick investment. Once homeless, I now work full-time as a research technician at the Baylor College of Dentistry. - Consumer, Dallas, Texas

I refused treatment for almost three years after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, all the while sinking into an increasingly dramatic symptomatic spiral. I was eventually placed in treatment against my "will." And because I was - I got better. - Jonathan Stanley, J.D., board member, Treatment Advocacy Center

Thank you for sending the Catalyst newsletter. The information in it is dear to my heart as I suffer from manic depression. In its ongoing battle, any legislation to improve my chances of necessary care is welcome. Your efforts in this regard are applauded. - Darry Burton, Nebraska


The Treatment Advocacy Center has been the catalyst for many positive changes in our laws and a shift in our perception of the importance of intervention. Their unique advocacy is restoring the important balance between individual freedom and caring coercion.
- Former American Psychiatric Association President Steve Sharfstein, M.D., awarding the 2006 APA Presidential Commendation to the Treatment Advocacy Center

You all are wonderful! We appreciate all that you do to help people affected by mental illness." - Pam McConey, executive director, NAMI Indiana

Thank you so much for the [Salt Lake Tribune] article "Committing Crime is Fastest Ticket to Treatment of Mental Illness." It is a wonderful article, and I am sure it will help to raise the level of awareness about out antiquated commitment laws. You and your group are wonderful as always. Thank you. - Jeff Kuehnl, president, Salt Lake Chapter, NAMI, Utah

I have come to rely on the Catalyst newsletter as one of the greatest sources of innovative ideas and compassionate commentary on the subject. Please convey to all associated with the publication the respects of an interested third party, who, like so many, is trying to understand why we can't do more for those who are mentally ill and living on the streets. - Robert L.E. Egger, director, DC Central Kitchen, Washington, DC

Even though we are a small group, we realize how important the Treatment Advocacy Center is for the citizens in this country with severe and debilitating mental illnesses - especially for those wandering around without proper and effective treatment. Members of the Citizens' Guild of WSH/AMI know how inhumane this is and the difficulties involved in trying to get their loved ones the help that is so desperately needed....Thank you for all you do. - Susan Cleva, President, Citizens' Guild of Western State Hospital Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Bellevue, Washington

Please continue your advocacy for assisted treatment.... I feel continued education is the answer. - Sandy Boone, Carlsbad, California

Thanks for the outstanding work the Treatment Advocacy Center is doing. (You help) to reinforce what we are trying to do to uphold Kendra's Law in New York state. - Roy Neville, co-president, NAMI-Schenectady, New York

I am so grateful for the important work you are doing. - Madeline Goodrich, Concord, Massachusetts

This gift is because I believe in you and the cause you represent. Thank you [Dr. Torrey] so much for speaking up for the untreated SMI [severely mentally ill] population. You are indeed a good crusader. - Jesse and Martha Stinson, Birmingham, Alabama

Family and friends

I want to thank you, and all of those who helped to pass this law that would help to prevent others from passing through the same kind of experience, whether as victims of violence or mental illnesses. Kevin was one of the kindest and most selfless people I’ve ever known. I believe that Kevin would have forgiven Brian, and would also be heartened to know that something good has come from his tragedy. - Kelly Scaletta, Michigan

Recently I learned about the Treatment Advocacy Center through my lawyer. I wish I had known about it long ago. My son, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, died this past July at the age of 39. I struggled so often trying to get treatment for Mark when he refused treatment and was headed for an "episode" which I was so often the brunt of. One mental health professional said to me, "Why don't you go to his apartment and let him hit you so we can get him committed?" ... I need not go into any more of these scenes because I'm sure these are the reasons you started the Center. I'm so glad this Center exists. - Marianne Tampanello (a grieving mother), King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

I cannot tell you how delighted I am to receive a copy of the Model Law for Assisted Treatment. If in place years ago it would have saved my daughter from two years as a homeless mentally ill person in Dallas and five years homeless in Norman, Oklahoma. ... The direction TAC is going is appropriate to me. I did volunteer in Oklahoma for NAMI-OAMI legislation for eight years, so I really appreciate what you are doing. - Mary Main, Dallas, Texas

When my son was twice hospitalized (both times under the Baker Act), he was twice reminded of his option as an "adult" of the "right to refuse treatment...." Because of this "right," my son's recuperation from schizophrenia is going on three years, and he still sometimes denies or wonders if he really has the mental illness. Imagine if public stigma is hard to fight, how hard it is to educate the mentally ill! - Lou Iparraguirre, VP, NAMI-South Brevard County, Florida

Thank you for all the work you are doing. I am sending a donation via mail but want to respond to the recent media attention of the young man who, in a psychotic mental state, went forward to the cockpit of a plane and was subsequently brought down by the other passengers. This could have been us. Perhaps this can be another cry for education, early intervention, and empathy for families who face this kind of crisis.... I want to stand with others in reaching out to this family with hope and encouragement. - Dick and Sue (fellow parents), Bellevue, Washington

My 23-year-old daughter has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and lacks any insight into her illness. Over the last year and a half, she has been hospitalized 12 times. If your model for assisted treatment existed, it would have made a tremendous difference in the type of care my daughter received over this period of time. - Jeanette M. Pulley, Newtown, Pennsylvania

My son has experienced homelessness, victimization, worsening of symptoms, and incarceration. I am grateful you are helping out. He is in a FACT team now and doing much better. It has a legal component to require treatment. - Jane McCabe, Forestville, California

I cheered, jumped up and down, and couldn’t stop shouting “YES!” at the top of my lungs when I received the email from Jonathan saying [about California legislation AB 1424] “It’s Law." Carla [Jacobs], thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work, and that of all the others at CTAC [the California Treatment Advocacy Coalition, part of the Treatment Advocacy Center]. I know the passage of AB 1424 means a lot to many thousands of people...and to my family in particular....well, this may not only save my brother’s life (Mark), but also my mother’s. Sans details, Mark has deteriorated almost beyond belief, is the “most acute” case the [mental health] professionals in Solano County have ever had (they claim)....yet he continues to exercise his “right” to contest conservatorship. The next round in attempting to conserve him will soon begin, probably won’t end up in court until AFTER January 1 -- and the new requirement to consider his history almost guarantees that he will this time be conserved. Mark has come within moments, within inches, of being hit by cars approx 15-20 times in the past few months - he’s in a special residential mental health program, but they can’t watch him every second. My 80-year-old mother’s health, while exceptional for someone her age, is beginning to deteriorate due to worry/anxiety over Mark. AB 1424 will without question provide the legal means necessary to end this nightmare for our family. Thank you, thank you, thank you.... - K--- ----- [name omitted by request], California

Thank you all so much. Your information has been so valuable and has helped open some people's eyes to our problems. - Cindi Tooley, Phoenix, Arizona


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