Organizational Results


Since the Treatment Advocacy Center was formed in 1998:

  • Nearly half the U.S. states have modified their civil commitment standards to make it possible for more individuals to receive timely intervention for severe mental illness.
  • Seven states (California, Florida, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey and New York) ¬†have passed assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) laws, and many others have strengthened existing ones.
  • Thousands of individuals have received treatment they likely would not have received without these reforms.
  • Innumerable individuals with severe mental illness, family members, mental health professionals, law enforcement officers, researchers and others have dedicated countless hours to advocating with us for the elimination of barriers to the treatment of severe mental illness.
  • The Center's website has evolved into the worldwide web's largest and most comprehensive source of information about treatment laws and standards for severe mental illness.
  • The Treatment Advocacy Center has remained the only national organization dedicated to advocating for improved treatment laws and standard for individuals with the most severe mental illnesses.

Following is a summary of some of the treatment law reforms successfully advocated by the Treatment Advocacy Center in its first 15 years.





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