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Most mental health funding is not targeted to those who need help the most and we must overhaul our system of care, Doris A. Fuller tells Washington Journal host Steven Scully on C-SPAN.

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To find out about HR 3717

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SAMHSA will present and broadcast a public-service program examining the impact of assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) on people with severe mental illness on Monday, December 2, from 9 am to 1 pm.

The public may attend the program at SAMHSA’s headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, or online through the agenda’s webcast or telephone dial-in.

Treatment Advocacy Center Policy Director Brian Stettin will participate as a panelist.

“The seminar is designed to educate and improve the understanding of assisted outpatient treatment,” according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website on the event. “The presenters at this seminar will examine research findings, implications, and outcomes of AOT and topics related to persons with serious mental illnesses.”

Duke University researchers Marvin S. Swartz and Jeffrey W. Swanson will open the seminar with a review of research findings on AOT, followed by a question/answer period. Next, Stettin and two other panelists will discuss “applications and implications of assisted outpatient treatment,” followed by a second question and answer period.

Both the live and the virtual audiences will be able to submit questions to the presenters.

The full agenda for the seminar is available on the SAMHSA website. Registration is available online.

The Treatment Advocacy Center is urging the public to attend and participate in this unusual event. Seating and webcast lines are limited so immediate registration is urged.

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