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The Treatment Advocacy Center is the only national nonprofit focused exclusively on eliminating legal and other barriers to treatment for people with severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.  

Recent media releases

Topics on which the Treatment Advocacy Center provides information and comment to media

Resources the Treatment Advocacy makes available to media

  • Interviews with legal advocacy specialists for all states 
  • Interviews with psychiatrists or other experts, including E. Fuller Torrey, MD, who has been called "schizophrenia's most zealous foe" 
  • Introductions to local experts, activists and individuals with mental illness 
  • Introductions to family members with loved ones who have been either victims or perpetrators of violent acts in which untreated mental illness was a factor (see also our Preventable Tragedies Database)  

Reports and studies available on the website, among others 

  • "No Room at the Inn: Trends and Consequences of Closing Public Psychiatric Hospitals 2005-2010" plus a 50-state table of hospital bed populations (July 2012) 
  • "The Impact of Mental Illness on Law Enforcement Resources" (December 2011) 
  • "More Mentally Ill Persons are in Jails and Prisons than Hospitals: A Survey of the States" plus a 50-state table of jail/prison populations (May 2010) 
  • “People with Mental Illnesses May Pose a Greater Threat to the Future of Libraries than the Internet” (March/April 2009) 
  • “The Shortage of Public Hospital Beds for Mentally Ill Persons” (March 2008) 
  • “Threats to Radio and TV Personnel in the US by Individuals with Severe Mental Illnesses”  

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