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Violence and severe mental illness

Reports and Studies

"The Treatment of Persons with Mental Illness in Prisons and Jails: A State Survey", also in downloadable PDF format or an abridged version (April 2014)

"Prevalence of Mental Health Diversion Practices: A Survey of the States", also in downloadable PDF format (August 2013)

"No Room at the Inn: Trends and Consequences of Closing Public Psychiatric Hospitals 2005-2010" online, in downloadable PDF format, or the table showing hospital bed populations by state (July 2012)  

The Impact of Mental Illness on Law Enforcement Resources (December 2011) - adapted and published by the Treatment Advocacy Center from "Management of the Severely Mentally Ill and Its Effects on Homeland Security," a postgraduate thesis by Chief of Police Michael Biasotti for  the Naval Postgraduate School  

More Mentally Ill Persons Are in Jails and Prisons Than Hospitals (May 2010) 

Jails/Prisons and Hospitals: 50-State Table (May 2010)

Problems Associated With Mentally Ill Individuals in Public Libraries (March/April 2009)

The Shortage of Public Hospital Beds for Mentally Ill Persons (March 2008)

A Federal Failure in Psychiatric Research: Continuing NIMH Negligence in Funding Sufficient Research on Serious Mental Illnesses, (November 2003)

Missions Impossible: The Ongoing Failure of the NIMH to Support Sufficient Research on Severe Mental Disorders (September 2000)

A Mission Forgotten: The failure of the National Institute for Mental Health to do sufficient research on severe mental illnesses (December 1999)

Studies of Individuals with Schizophrenia Never Treated with Antipsychotic Medications: A Review

Threats to Radio and Television Station Personnel in the United States by Individuals with Severe Mental Illnesses (1999)

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