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Homelessness: One of the consequences of failing to treat individuals with serious mental illnesses (March 2011)

IMD Exclusion: Institution for Mental Diseases (IMD) exclusion


SchizophreniaSchizophrenia as a brain disease: Studies of individuals who have never been treated (March 2011)

StigmaViolence by seriously mentally ill persons is its major cause (March 2011)

Suicide: One of the consequences of failing to treat individuals with severe psychiatric disorders (March 2011)

TreatmentWhat percentage of individuals with severe psychiatric disorders are receiving no treatment? (March 2014)

VictimizationHow often are individuals with serious mental illness victimized? (March 2014)

Violence and severe mental illness:

Reports and Studies


"Prevalence of Mental Health Diversion Practices: A Survey of the States", also in downloadable PDF format (August 2013)

"No Room at the Inn: Trends and Consequences of Closing Public Psychiatric Hospitals 2005-2010" online, in downloadable PDF format, or the table showing hospital bed populations by state (July 2012)  

The Impact of Mental Illness on Law Enforcement Resources (December 2011) - adapted and published by the Treatment Advocacy Center from "Management of the Severely Mentally Ill and Its Effects on Homeland Security," a postgraduate thesis by Chief of Police Michael Biasotti for  the Naval Postgraduate School  

More Mentally Ill Persons Are in Jails and Prisons Than Hospitals (May 2010) 

Jails/Prisons and Hospitals: 50-State Table (May 2010)

Problems Associated With Mentally Ill Individuals in Public Libraries (March/April 2009)

The Shortage of Public Hospital Beds for Mentally Ill Persons (March 2008)

A Federal Failure in Psychiatric Research: Continuing NIMH Negligence in Funding Sufficient Research on Serious Mental Illnesses, (November 2003)

Missions Impossible: The Ongoing Failure of the NIMH to Support Sufficient Research on Severe Mental Disorders, (September 2000)

A Mission Forgotten: The failure of the National Institute for Mental Health to do sufficient research on severe mental illnesses, (December 1999)

Studies of Individuals with Schizophrenia Never Treated with Antipsychotic Medications: A Review

Threats to Radio and Television Station Personnel in the United States by Individuals with Severe Mental Illnesses (1999)

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