Stopping the Revolving Door in Idaho – personally speaking


(Nov. 2, 2012) Latah County is already using the copies of “Stopping the Revolving Door” I brought back from the NAMI national convention in Seattle.

IdahoHere’s what happened.

We showed the video at a summer NAMI meeting, attended by the county’s prosecuting attorney, Bill Thompson. Afterward, he said it was “one of the best training films” he’d ever seen and wanted a copy.

Then a county commissioner wanted to know if he could get extra copies, and it was shared with the district court judge, too. Now officials are reviewing it for use in their "training" on how to set up a mental health court. Sounds like your “Guide for Implementing Assisted Outpatient Treatment” is just what they need.

Can't thank you enough for the extra copies of the video you are sending! At the risk of sounding greedy, could you send five more copies of the AOT implementation guide, too?

Jane Pritchett, president

NAMI Latah County (Idaho)

For a DVD copy of “Stopping the Revolving Door: A Civil Approach to Treating Severe Mental Illness” that you can show or share  to raise awareness of how court-ordered treatment saves lives and families, email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The video is also available online. To watch the two-minute trailer, click here.

Our "Guide for Implementing Assisted Outpatient Treatment” is unique 64-page manual designed to help mental health professionals put court-ordered outpatient treatment to work. Supplemented with more than 30 sample forms and other documents, the guide is the result of interviews and in-person visits with more than 200 mental health professionals, participants, families, law enforcement officials, judges and others using AOT nationwide.  

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