"Failure in My Career as a Crazy Person" - personally speaking


(Nov. 9, 2012) "In truth, when I look at my career as a crazy person, I don’t feel inspirational. I feel mostly like a failure. I feel like someone who has seen psychiatrist after psychiatrist and has tried medication after medication and tried treatment after treatment, mostly to no avail. If you line up all the times I’ve failed, it’s one heck of a long line."

natasha_tracySo writes Natasha Tracy - blogger/author of Bipolar Burble - in a recent report on speaking to a group of ninth graders as part of the Bipolar Babe project.

"I spoke about stigma and my personal story of mental illness. I told them all about my bipolar disorder, my diagnosis, treatments, treatment failures, vagus nerve stimulator, electroconvulsive therapy and more. And at the end of the presentation, the kids had a chance to fill out feedback forms, and one of the words they used surprised me – inspirational."

The feedback provided Tracy with "something I obviously needed to be reminded of," she writes. 

"I didn’t quit.

"I didn’t give up.

"I faced failure; I faced doctors telling me that I was beyond hope; I faced my own fears of being beyond fixing and I kept going."

Tracy's eloquent and candid blogs about living with bipolar disorder offer a source of inspiration and encouragment for individuals living with severe mental illness and their loved ones. To read how Tracy came to realize her trial-and-error search for treatment that worked was not a sign of failure at all, read "Mental Illness Failures are Really Inspiring Wins." 

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