STUDY: Adults with Mental Illness More Likely to Have Other Illnesses, Too


er-use-chartAbout 22 percent of adults with serious mental illness have high blood pressure, and 19 percent have asthma, according to a new report. The rates in adults without serious mental illness are about 18 percent with high blood pressure and 12 percent with asthma.

In addition, the study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) found that adults with serious mental illness were more likely to be hospital patients than the general population. Almost 48 percent visited an ER (compared to 30 percent of the general population), and 20 percent  were hospitalized (compared to 11 percent) in the preceding 12 months.

These findings were found consistent with previous studies that showed, “significant associations between mental and physical health.” Questions remain about why the conditions are related to serious mental illness.

To read the original report and to see what over physical problems are linked to serious mental illness click here.

Mental Illness
High Blood Pressure % Asthma % Diabetes % Heart Disease % Stroke %
Any Mental Illness          
     Yes 21.9% 15.7% 7.9% 5.9% 2.3%
     No 18.8% 10.6% 6.6% 4.2% 0.9%
Serious Mental Illness          
     Yes 21.6% 19.1% 7.7% 5.2% 2.6%
     No 17.7% 12.1% 6.6% 4.2% 1.1%
Major Depressive Episode          
     Yes 24.1% 17.0% 8.9% 6.5% 2.5%
     No 19.8% 11.4% 7.1% 4.6% 1.1%

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