We Need More ‘News’ Like This


Mary Ann Greier of The Review has written a story about severe mental illness that deserves a much bigger audience than East Liverpool, Ohio, where The Review is published.

“Treatment works when it comes to helping people with mental illness,” she quotes from a local mental health professional, “but sometimes it requires action by a family member or someone else to see the need.” Then Greier goes on to explain how family members and others can do just that.

Help available for people with mental illness” accurately describes symptoms of some severe mental illnesses, identifies the risk factors for mental illness and violence (which include lack of treatment), and explains how to use the state’s assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) law. The article even provides telephone numbers to call in a mental health crisis.

Endless finger-pointing has followed the January shootings in Tucson that left six dead and 13 wounded. No doubt about it - there’s more than enough blame to go around in this particularly preventable tragedy. (See what Pima Community College officials knew before the shootings in this story from the Arizona Sun). But under-represented in the finger pointing is general ignorance of symptoms and interventions. Greier and The Review are to be applauded for raising awareness and providing useful tools to their readers. We can only hope others will follow where East Liverpool has gone.

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