Keep Sound Minds Spotlights Anosognosia


(Oct. 18, 2012) Our friends at Keep Sound Minds are raising awareness of the crucial issue of anosognosia by featuring our video on anosognosia lack of insight in their October newsletter.

keep-sound-mindsThe New Hampshire-based nonprofit is dedicated to the memories of Kaleigh and Shane Lambert and Marci Thibault, whose lives were lost when Marci experienced a psychotic break while the children were in her care.

Keep Sound Minds is committed to preventing similar incidents from occurring by improving society’s understanding and management of mental health issues. They strive to change public perception of mental illness by increasing awareness that if psychiatric disorders are properly diagnosed and treated, people have a greater chance of living healthy, productive lives to their fullest potential.

Anosognosia is a lack of awareness about one’s own mental illness and is believed to be the largest reason why individuals with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder do not take their medications. Thank you to Keep Sound Minds for raising awareness about this important anatomic condition, which affects roughly half of those with the most severe mental illnesses.

Our video about anosognosia provides a four-minute glimpse into what the condition is and how it appears in someone actively suffering symptoms.

Read the full issue of the newsletter here.

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